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Planning – Application Comments

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15/02496/DISCON | Approval of details under Conditions 15 (Root Protection Area footway method statement), 16 (engineering, construction and other drawings), 19 (approved temporary access), 21 (highway improvement works details and Stage 2 Safety Audit), 22 (vehicular, cycle and pedestrian accesses, arrangements and parking), 23 (deposition of mud, gravel and dirt), 24 (parking and storage areas during construction) and 29 Parts 1-3 (land contamination) of Planning Permission 6.121.146.B.FULMAJ | Land Comprising Field At 433791 452482 Pannal Road Follifoot North Yorkshire

Please note that comments on planning applications need to be assessed and any personal information removed before publishing, therefore it is our intention to publish comments within 3 working days of receipt, however there is potential in times of high workloads that this period may take longer.

When making a comment, we strongly recommend you draft your comments first in a word processing software, and then copy/paste your comments into Public Access.

PLEASE NOTE There is a 30 minute time out when making comments on Public Access. Should your session time out, draft comments will be retained for up to two days. To retrieve them, you must login using the same device and browser within two days to finalise and submit your comments, otherwise they will be deleted. Draft comments are saved within your browser, so should they be lost we are unable to retrieve them for you.

When making comments you should not include: Financial information, Car registration plates, Photos of individuals, Views on other individuals - such as their health or anything defamatory.

If you are having problems logging into Public Access please see further information here

Comments may not be submitted at this time.

The consultation period for this application has ended. Comments that have been submitted may be viewed within the list of documents for this application.

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